Need Beverage Advice?

The INOV8 Beverage Consulting Group, located in Rye, NY, specializes in helping new beverage brands navigate through the complexities of getting their products to market, as well as assisting existing beverage brands in exploration of new and innovative strategies. Our philosophy is that we can best help clients by spending our time on personalized, real world advice and break-though idea generation, rather than in creation of voluminous presentation decks (although we could do that if someone really wanted). The two principals are Mike Weinstein, former CEO of Snapple, and Brian O’Byrne, former CEO of Yoo-hoo/Orangina. Because of our extensive industry experience, we are able to quickly focus on core issues and use our broad network of contacts in distribution, marketing services, supply chain and retail channels, to the benefit of our clients.  Our fees are pretty reasonable but we only like working with nice, smart people with a few bucks in their pocket who have a strong idea and a burning passion for the beverage business (as well as an understanding that they are more likely to inherit millions from the estranged daughter of a Nigerian warlord than they are to strike it rich in the beverage industry). If that doesn't describe you, no need to call.

For more information call Mike or Brian at 914-925-9100 or email us at -