Snap Judgments - An amazing story

The first business case taught to first year marketing students at the Harvard Business School and numerous other MBA programs is the story of Snapple, one of the most celebrated brands in the beverage industry. Snapple's 30+ year journey contains numerous learnings about success and failure in the world of marketing. Snap Judgments is a fast-paced, 45 minute multi-media presentation about the rise, fall and rescue of one of America’s most iconic brands. It provides many important lessons about innovation, perseverance, culture change, and what it takes to turn around a declining business. I have been a keynote speaker at over 50 conferences, conventions and business meetings (but I won't release the transcripts unless all the speakers do). If you’re interested in learning more about the Snap Judgments presentation, please contact me directly at

Article about the Snapple turnaround from Harvard Business Review